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Presto Geosystems

Presto Geosystems

TollFree 800-548-3424
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Contact: Patricia Stelter
670 N Perkins Street
Appleton, United States of America

Presto Geosystems is recognized as a leading manufacturer of quality, innovative and sustainable products for soil stabilization, surface stabilization and porous pavements. Presto's engineered solutions meet the most demanding soil and water problems within the civil and landscape markets. Quality services include a free preliminary design service and construction support as required to assure project success.

Soil Stabilization Solutions:
Presto and its network of knowledgeable representatives partner with engineers, contractors and owners to provide solutions to challenging erosion control, slope & channel protection, vegetated earth retention, and load support problems with the Genuine GEOWEB® system. Presto is the original co-developer of the three-dimensional GEOWEB cellular confinement (geocell) technology, and innovator of product improvements and accessories(tendons, ATRA anchors, ATRA tendon clips and ATRA keys).

Porous Pavement Solutions:
Presto’s porous pavement system address aesthetic, economic, stormwater, traffic and site requirements.
• GEOBLOCK® turf protection for occasional use traffic up to H-20 loading.
• GEOPAVE® stabilized aggregate for economical permeable pavements.

Portable Construction Mats:
Presto’s portable mat systems address loading and site requirements with minimal cost.
GEOTERRA® and GEOTERRA® GTO mats are extremely strong, yet light-weight and create an effective ground-surface reinforcement layer for supporting construction vehicles loads over soft soils. They are safer to install and more economical than traditional mat systems.

Environmental Benefits
Over the past 30 years, Presto Geosystems has been an environmental steward and leader in the use of recycled plastics, manufacturing valuable stormwater and soil stabilization products from consumer waste materials that would otherwise be landfilled.

Our solutions reduce overall project costs and offer high environmental benefit with low environmental impact. Many of Presto's products contribute to green building credits for reducing stormwater runoff and site disturbance and for utilizing recycled materials.

Global Customers / Markets:
Presto Geosystems’ products are applied worldwide within infrastructure, mining, energy and oil & gas industries. The quality products manufactured are not only strong and durable, but are green solutions that may be the lowest cost alternative. Reduced life-cycle cost, long-term performance, environmental and aesthetic benefits provide the best value to our customers.


Business Development Manager:

Cory Schneider 920-738-1304

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