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We are a manufacturer and supplier of Rattle Track™ and Rattle Grate. Golden Bear Services offers a variety of products to help you stay in compliance with many ordinances and AQMD So.Cal certified. At Golden Bear Services we offer "Quality Products/ Exceptional Service".

Here at Golden Bear Services, we use Rattle Track™ and Rattle Grate to solve your PM10 dust abatement, soil stabilization, and debris track-out problems.

Designed to be placed on job site exit roads where they join public streets. Rattle Track™ and Rattle Grate work by removing dirt, mud, and other debris from the tires of your vehicles. That way, dirt stays on the job site where it belongs instead of ending up on public roadways.

Rattle Track™ and Rattle Grate will take the worry of debris problems away from the neighbors and away from public eyes. It also tells city officials that you are doing everything possible to be in compliance.

Rattle Track™ and Rattle Grate is a proven preventative system that will significantly reduce the need for water trucks and sweeping time. It will also assist by keeping traffic moving freely around the job site.

Rattle Track™ and Rattle Grate complies with the EPA's General Construction Permit(GCP), Storm Water Act, AQMD Rule #403 and; PM 10 in the Southern Coast Air Basin.

Easy Installation / Removal.
Purchase Or Rental Options available.

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