Corps Certified for Saskatchewan and Alberta.

We use Certified Seed and can custom mix to match
specifications of any project.

Drill Seeding - We use a 4wd tractor to pull a Brillion Drill
seeder which applies product in an even and accurate rate.

Broadcast Seeding - Seed and fertilizer is accurately
broadcasted in all site conditions using a quad, 4wd tractor,
or track loader Bobcat.

Hydroseeding - Our hydroseeder is a fully equipped 4wd
truck with high flotation tires 30" wide and 48" tall and has a
capacity of approximately 6000 liters. It is a high productivity
machine and with 4wd and floater tires we can access many
areas that may be normally considered "inaccessible" by our

Erosion Control Blankets - We supply all types and classes
of erosion control blankets and install them in any soil type
and even in frost conditions. The use of mechanical staple
drivers ensures that actual staples/m2 meet the
manufacturer specifications. The driver can be used to install
staplers through rocky, hard packed soil, and even drives
staples through frost.

Ditch Barriers - we supply and install synthetic barriers,
straw bales, and straw rolls.

Silt Fence / Safety Fence - The silt fence in this picture was
installed in Feb 2007 on a site in Fort McMurray. Heavy
Haulers were using this area all winter and frost was driven
into the ground to 2-3 feet. Silt fence is installed with a
machine to guarantee proper install depth and strength.
Install machine improves daily production to ensure the
project is on time and constructed to specification. Can
install in most areas wet, or dry and in all conditions- soft
conditions, hard packed soil from heavy haulers, rocky, or in
frost conditions. Posts are typically wooden 2"x2" or steel

Sand Bags - our sand bagging machine provides high
productivity whether you require flood protection or bank
stabilization. Any size of bag can be filled and any type of
material can be used.

Willow and Tree Planting - willow and aspen have been
installed with great success to stabilize slopes. We also plant
many tree species available of all sizes. Our trees are
government approved with certificate of origins available.

Gabion Baskets and Mattresses - We supply and install all
types of PVC or Galvanized Gabions for inlet/outlet protection,
structural or in high flow unstable areas. We can also supply
and install synthetic rip rap armoring where rock is not
readily available.

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