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SOX Erosion Solutions™

We at SOX Erosion Solutions™ have a passion to protect and preserve the environment.

That is why we have developed the most eco-friendly, most effective and most affordable living shoreline erosion control system on the planet. SOX™ is the most innovative bioengineered “living system” developed to immediately halt soil erosion and stabilize shorelines and hillsides. Its unique design operates in balance with the principles of physics and the unwavering laws of nature.

SOX is the only erosion control solution that encompasses the shore bank and fully integrates into the bank or hillside- ultimately becoming part of the earth.

The bioengineering of SOX™ system, including product development, continuous research and rigorous field testing spanned over a decade.

SOX Erosion Solutions™ has been multi-patented, approved by governing authorities and proven in a vast variety of field applications over the years. The SOX™ erosion control system has been installed on public and private waterways and professional golf courses throughout the United States, Canada & Germany.

Nature’s Gold Standard

SOX™ can solve a multitude of soil erosion problems including:

• Shoreline stabilization

• Hillside & Landslide Control

• Silt & Sediment Control

We welcome Distributors and Installers who are interested in solving soil erosion problems while protecting the Earth for future generations.

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