Kyowa Co., Ltd. is Japan’s market leader in the manufacture of synthetic mesh products and safety nets for industrial and construction applications.

Kyowa’s Filter Unit is a new-to-market erosion control solution that provides an alternative to riprap and gabions.

Filter Unit mesh bags are filled with rock and can be deployed quickly and efficiently using standard equipment.

The bags are made of high-performance recycled polyester mesh, and feature a proprietary knitting technology for long-term durability.

Filter Unit applications include:

- Erosion control
- Slope creation/embankments
- Dike protection
- Foot protection for underwater structures
- Harbor wall protection
- Offshore pipelines and cables (ballast, scour protection, crossing point creation, etc.)

Filter Units were originally developed by Kyowa in 1987 to protect the footings of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, then the longest central span suspension bridge in the world.

Since then, over 700,000 Filter Units have been deployed at 17,000 jobsites in Japan, Asia and Europe.

Filter Units are now available in North America from Marubeni America Corporation, which has been appointed as master importer/distributor. Please contact us if you have any inquiries.

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