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Family Owned and Operated
Since the Hartman family – Linda Duval, Paul Hartman and Steve Hartman – first opened the doors of MasterNet Ltd back in 1988, we have been specializing in the manufacture of all types of plastic netting. Our Toronto-based company began on a shoestring: with one used extruder bought at an auction, some hopes and dreams, and a whole lot of hard work. Twenty years later, our consistently profitable company is still pushing forward, with more force than ever before, and we have no intention of ever letting up.

A Lesser-Known Art Form
We believe that manufacturing netting is an art: one that can only be learned through hands-on practice, dedication and the drive to succeed. Each industry we’ve tapped into, from produce to poultry and from automotive to aquaculture, has provided us with unique learning experiences. Committed to innovation and investment, we use these valuable insights to rethink our products and processes so that we can make them more efficient, and above all, more environmentally friendly.

Little Fish Triumphs
In December 2003, we purchased Dupont Canada’s extruded plastic netting operations - namely their line of the original patented plastic netting. MasterNet now owns and manufactures it as its own. Made of lightweight and durable polyethylene, these products are used in a wide range of packaging, fencing and protective covering applications. The acquisition of the aforementioned, enabled us to obtain additional equipment and technical know-how and has since proven to be the perfect complement to our existing product line.

Sediment Retention Fiber Roll (Wattle) nets
MasterNet is the leading provider of Fiber Roll / Wattle nets, supplying the majority of straw wattle producers.
Masternet wattle nets are produced in the only ISO 9001:2008 Design & Manufacturing netting production facility in North America.
These nets are made of high quality HDPE under very tight production tolerances and are available for fiber rolls/ wattles ranging from 6-24” in diameter.
Be assured about meeting Erosion Control Industry requirements and DOT Specifications by using MasterNet Ltd. fiber roll / wattle netting.
MasterNetLtd. is a member of both the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) as well as the Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC).

Roll Stock Netting
MasterNet Ltd manufactures a wide range of Netting in various widths, strand thicknesses and diamond sizes, for both lightweight and heavyweight packaging solutions.

Net Bags - Headers, Heat Seal & Layflat
MasterNet Ltd supplies a wide variety of Net Bags, which range from bulk packed to wicketed and clipped to heat-sealed. MasterNet Ltd also produces header label bags, and layflat bags, as well as specially designed soft net bags for vine tomatoes, fruits, nuts, marbles or rocks you name it

Protective Nets
MasterNet Ltd manufactures a complete line of Protective Nets perfect for packaging precision ground parts and items that have been machined, painted, coated or chromed. These products provide effective protection against any damages caused by chipping, scratching or abrasion during shipping and in-house handling.

Bottle Sleeves

MasterNet Ltd is the originator of the Bottle Sleeve: a new sleeve trend now used in a large percentage of liquor and wine stores. The Bottle Sleeve is kept at the cashier station and slipped over one or more bottles after purchase. The potential benefits are twofold: for your cashiers, they’re much easier to use and more effective than single bottle bags; and they’re an excellent, inexpensive way to protect bottles.

Bottle Sleeves are manufactured using reprocessed and or off/grade plastics and should be brought back to your local liquor or wine store for reuse wherever possible.

Cylinder Sleeves
MasterNet Ltd Protective Cylinder Sleeves are a unique mesh product that have been developed specifically to protect compressed gas cylinders. Normally when cylinders are returned for refilling, they are taken out of circulation if damaged. Much time and money then goes into removing their old labels, repainting the cylinders and re-labelling them. These low-cost sleeves are simply slipped over each cylinder to provide effective protection against such damages.

Available in a wide array of colours, Protective Cylinder Sleeves are designed to cover a large range of diameters, from the 4” medical cylinder to propane tanks of 30” or larger, and may be ordered in any quantity. Most custom colours are available upon request.

Engineered Nets
MasterNet Ltd's Engineered Nets are made of tubular mesh plastic and are designed to protect precision ground parts, as well as items that have been machined, painted, coated or chromed. This product guards against damage caused by nicking, chipping, scratching or abrasion during shipping or in-house handling.

MasterNet Ltd has a full line of Engineered Nets in stock and ready to ship in a moment’s notice. Most custom pieces can be created upon request.

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