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We represent the highest quality organic products on today’s market for plant establishment and plant growth. With a variety of product lines from fertilizers to tackifiers, we have quality products with a wide range of uses. Our products are USDA Bio Preferred Listed.

Biosol – All Purpose Natural Organic Fertilizer Products. Biosol Forte (7-2-1) and Biosol (6-1-1) are multi-nutrient fertilizers due to the complex organic fertilizer that is high in organic matter, chitin and dry mycelium. Biosol is a fermented plant based organic fertilizer and soil amendment. The high chitin content in Biosol (approximately 5 – 15%) is a vital substance for supporting healthy soil and plant life by reducing soil borne pathogens and diseases. Dry mycelium, the beneficial proteins contained in Biosol, will be available during multiple growing seasons to enhance soil life and establish a better soil structure.

Menefee Humate – An All Natural Trace Mineral. Humate is a high carbon and humic acid based granular soil conditioner that acts as an organic chelator and microbial stimulator. It has a unique carbon matrix incorporating a high concentration of trace minerals and organic acids, specifically humic acid, improving the plant’s ability to take in vital nutrients. Menefee Humate has the highest guaranteed level of combined humic acid, organic matter and available carbon on the market. Humate will significantly improve poor soils and water holding capacity when used in conjunction with a balanced fertilization program.

Mycorrhizae – MycoApply’s endo and ecto mycorrhizae options consist of specifically selected species of fungi and bacteria in multiple formulations designed for a wide variety of uses. Mycorrhizae fungi release powerful enzymes into the soil that dissolve hard-to-capture nutrients, such as organic nitrogen, phosphorus, iron and other “tightly bound” soil nutrients. These beneficial fungi build a natural microbial system which greatly enhances plant growth, yields, vigor and tolerance of environmental extremes.

Chemstars - StarTak – Organic Starch Based Tackifiers. Manufactured in the United States, StarTak is a cost effective naturally occurring organic tackifer used to increase seed to soil contact for better seed germination and plant growth. It has also been used for erosion control and is effective in significantly reducing soil loss and run off in heavy rain events.

ALL these products are beneficial for soil structure, soil life, soil health, plant growth and plant health. Our products are specified and used by many DOT's, National Park Service, municipalities, landscapers, homeowners and organic farmers.

Our products are research proven in the field and in the lab. They have received award winning results around the world.

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